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wood grain board
wood grain board
wood grain board
Wood grain siding panel adopts the high quality quartz sand, silicate, natural fiber, and a variety of
selected mineral.With high temperature and high pressure. The product don’t have any radioactivity and
harmful elements.Belongs to new, green and environmental material. The surface with the typical natural
cedar wood grain,appearance is natural and beautiful. Also can prevent the attack of white ant and
sawteeth animals.The wooden grain siding panel has the feature of durability, flexibility and creativity,
more stable and durable than wood products.Because of the lower cost and excellent properties, it is
accepted by the foreign and domestic customers,also the best choice of all kinds of construction. When
choose the coating material, we recommend environmental water-based paint.For example: water-based
pure acrylic coating and so on.
Products characteristics
Light weight, structural earthquake-resistant.
2.Heat insulation.
3.Fire-proof for 4 hours , class-A1 incombustibility.
4.High strength, anti-bending strength more than 12MPA.
5.Well decoration effect, comfortable living function.
6.Green, environmental material.
7.Fast and simple construction, high efficiency, lower cost.
Size & specification
Size :(mm): 200*2400mm, 1200*2400mm, other sizes according to the order .
Density: 1.3-1.5g/cm3.
Thermal conductivity: less than 0.3W/(M.K).
Water content: ≤10%.
Water absorption(plain): ≤30%.
Swelling rate: ≤0.25%.
Thermal shrinkage: ≤0.5%.
Anti-bending strength: ≥12MPA.
Water tightness:the reverse side allows showing water mark but not dropping after
                          24 hours.
Freezing resistance: it doesn’t show break and layer after 25 times freeze thawing.
Impact resistance: without continuous crack after one shock.
Incombustibility: Class – A1
Recommend application
Exterior wall of Villa, apartment, office building, work shop, school and so on.
Old building renovation, interior decoration.