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single color coating board

Fluorocarbon paint panel is a slap-up interior &exterior decorative material with high-tech green
environmental protection.Based on fiber cement board and calcium silicate board , after water-proof
treatment, surface with the high quality UVfluorocarbon paint, adopt the UV curing technology. Having
the excellent, economical, efficient, elegant, environmental advantage.
Products characteristics
Weather resistance, color lasting stability.
2.Fire resistance , fire-proof for 4 hours , class-A1 incombustibility.
3.Water resistance,lower water absorption rate, no deformation.
4.Pollution resistance, bright and clean surface, difficulty to stain.
5.Scratch resistance, high compactness, difficulty to scratch.
6.Rub resistance, solid paint, traceless when rubbing.
7.Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, long life usage.
8.Impact resistance, best material quality, durable usage.
9.UV resistance, absorb UV, difficulty to fade.
Products size
1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm, other sizes according to the order.
 Recommend application
Industrial building: factory, warehouse.
Housing unit: new type housing, decoration &renovation.
Public: hospital, theater, station, airport and hall.